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Naruto walked onto the school campus. What was with that dream? He thought. I don't think of Hinata that way. Damn perv must have just filled my head with it. He remembered the dream that he had the previous night.

In the dream Naruto stood in front of a house. He looked around to see nothing but a white background. "Hello! Is anyone here?" He yelled out into the emptiness. He walked up to the house and knocked on the door. He knocked once more but no one appeared to be home. He twisted the doorknob to see that it was unlocked.

He walked into the empty house. "No furniture? Does anyone live here?" Naruto then heard a soft humming coming from upstairs. "I guess someone does live here." He whispered to himself as he walked up the stairs cautiously. The humming got a bit louder. Naruto peeked into each of the doors but found no one in them. "That leaves that last door." He went over to the door at the end of the hallway and put his ear against it. "Yup someone's in this room." He opened the door "Do you know where I am?" he asked while walking in.

"Ahhh!" Hinata yelled out covering her chest with her hands.

"Hinata? What are you doing here!" Naruto panicked.

Hinata threw a shampoo bottle at him which knocked him out of the bathroom. Hinata ran to the door and shut it.

"W-what just happened?" Naruto muffled before passing out. He awoke later on a soft comfortable bed. He stretched and rubbed his forehead. "Did I fall asleep?"

"No, you peeked at me in the bathroom. I threw a bottle at you and you passed out." Hinata giggled sitting next to him.

"Hey!" He yelled out startled "Hinata I'm sorry I didn't know you where there!" He said on his knees. "Forgive me!"

"Don't worry." She stood up and dropped her clothes. "I don't mind."

"Hinata! Put your clothes back on!" He yelled and threw covers on her. She threw them off and walked seductively to him.

Naruto shook the thoughts out of his head. I would have never had that dream if he hadn't talked about her like that. I blame him completely. I just hope I don't think about it too much. He searched for Hinata among the crowd of students. Not here...maybe she's at the library. It was in that building right? Naruto walked towards the library. When he entered the building he saw Hinata on one of the back computers reading some kind of article. Wonder what she's reading. He walked up behind her and put his head on her shoulder. "What'cha reading?" Hinata jumped at the sound of his voice. "How to.."

Hinata instantly threw her hands at her screen and covered it "Nothing important." She said looking at her screen.

"C'mon let me see." Naruto tried to move her hands to peek at the screen, but Hinata had minimized the window. "Aw, you're no fun." He grinned.

"Naruto, could you go to the back and wait for me there?" Hinata kindly asked him.

"No problem." Naruto left Hinata and sat in the tables in the back.

Hinata let out a sigh of relief. I wasn't expecting him to come here today. Well...he's here now, but what should I talk about? I can't think of anything! She went back to her screen and closed the window that she had minimized. How to let a boy know you like him...looking that up in school what was I thinking? Stupid Hinata! Well I better go back there. She sat down across from Naruto. Wait I know what I can say! "Naruto, I made you lunch today."

"Oh really? I already brought money to buy. Did you think that you had to make me lunch?" Naruto asked.

"Oh... I thought I heard you say that you wanted me to make you lunch again today, so I did." Hinata frowned.

"But I better not let that food go to waste. I'll eat it, thanks for making it. Hope its as good as yesterday." Naruto said.

Hinata smiled as she heard those words. "You really think it tasted good?" She lifted her head and looked into Naruto's eyes.

"Of course! Your gonna make someone an awesome wife one day!" He told her.

Hinata looked down at the table. "T-T-Thank-"

"Hinata, how come your always looking down when you talk to me?" Naruto asked.

Hinata tried to come up with an excuse "W-Well, I-I uhh," The bell rang before she could say anything else. Saved by the bell.

"Already? I just got here." Naruto moaned. He picked up his stuff "C'mon Lets go." They walked out the library and headed to the main building. Naruto looked up at the clouds. "Look at how dark they are, looks like a storm is coming."

Hinata also looked up. "And a big one at that."

The storm had started while their first class began. Naruto had fallen asleep while Iruka was giving his lesson. Hinata had been daydreaming about the boy sitting in front of her all class. Thinking about what it would be like if they were going out, and how to tell him. She had thought about writing him a note and giving it to him. A loud thunderclap had awoken Hinata from her daydream, and Naruto from his sleep.

"Wha! True, B, all of the above?" Naruto yelled jumping out of his chair.

"Nice to see you're awake Naruto." Iruka told him as he stood over his desk, his eye twitching as he squeezed tightly on the marker in his hand. "Fall asleep again and it's detention for you!" He shouted angrily.

"Sorry sir." Naruto slouched back into his chair.

Hinata giggled quietly and so did Sakura who sat behind her.

Naruto, Shikamaru, Hinata, and Choji walked out of class. "It's still raining. I think it's gotten worse. Where are we going to go P.E?" Naruto asked Shikamaru as the group walked down the hall.

"Isn't it obvious?" Shikamaru looked at Naruto who just stared back clueless. He let out a loud sigh "We have to go to the gym. Usually we just sit around doing anything we want."

"That makes sense." Naruto said as he stared up at the ceiling.

They walked down the hallway and reached the boys locker room. "Guess we split ways here Hinata. See ya in the gym." Naruto told her as he entered the locker room. Choji and Shikamaru walked over to their lockers and began changing. "Wait I still don't have a uniform!"

"Hey there you are blondie!" Guy yelled out.

Naruto looked behind him and saw Guy standing over him.

"I couldn't find you after last class. I got your uniform right here." He held out a plain white shirt with the Konohigh school logo on it and a pair of black basketball shorts in his right hand.

"Thanks." Naruto reached out for his clothes but Guy put them behind his back. "Hey what gives?"

"You got a choice to make." He grinned with a glisten in his eye.

"What are you talking about?"

"Well you can have the school's uniform," he held them out again in his right hand "or you can have my special uniform." He held out a green jumpsuit like he was wearing in his left hand.

Who would pick that?"I'll just take the normal ones." He grabbed them and began changing into them.

"No one ever picks my uniform...except you Lee!" He gave out a thumbs up to only kid wearing his jumpsuit, who gave a thumbs up right back.

Hinata entered the locker rooms. She quickly walked to her locker and started to change out of her clothes. She grabbed her P.E. shirt and started to put it on.

"Hey Hinata, did your breasts grow again?" Sakura yelled out.

"What? Again?" A red haired girl asked and other girls started to look at her

"Hey I think that they did!" A tall green haired girl shouted.

"N-No they didn't!" Hinata said embarrassed. She finished changing and ran out the room.

"Hinata wait for me!" Sakura called her. "Sorry I was just playing around. You know I like to joke around."

Hinata stopped and looked over at her. "Alright."

"Guess what? I finally got that date with Sasuke!" She said proudly.

"Congratulations. How did you convince him?"

"A little something I like to call blackmail." Sakura winked at her.

"What did you do?" Hinata asked curious about what she had done.

"I was recording Sasuke yesterday like I usually do, and I recorded him get punched in the face by that new kid." She laughed "I threatened to show everyone what happened if he didn't go out with me."

Hinata looked at her. She must be obsessed with him to do that...

"Speaking of that new kid...don't you think that he's kinda cute?"

Hinata turned red so she looked at the floor "W-W-Well N-N"

"What's that? Do you like him?" Sakura went in front of Hinata. "You do don't you?"

Hinata bit her lip and nodded weakly. "Please don't tell him." She begged her.

"So you got your first crush huh?" Sakura smiled going in the gym. "Look there he is." She pointed to Naruto who was walking towards them with Shikamaru and Choji behind him. "Don't worry Hinata. I won't tell him anything." She walked away to a girl with her hair in buns. "Hi Tenten."

A whistle blew. "Guys huddle up!" Guy addressed his students. "Well it's raining again so that means a free day for all of you. Feel free to shoot hoops, volleyball, spar, talk, or just sleep." He walked away from them and sat down on the floor.

"Did he just say spar? Does he mean fight?" Naruto asked his friends.

"Yeah," Choji answered "we can have a sparring match against anyone who wants to fight. Just got to let Guy know so he can referee the match."

"Meet me at the mat and go let Guy know." Naruto smirked.

"Who are you going to fight?" Choji asked.

"Sasuke, I'm going to challenge him right now." He ran off to find Sasuke.

"Is he crazy or something?" Choji asked scratching his head.

"Who knows? Let's just go tell him." Shikamaru left the group to tell Guy.

Hinata left to the mat. I hope he doesn't get hurt.

Naruto ran over to the bleachers and found Sasuke talking to two of his friends. "Yo Sasuke, I challenge you to a match!" He yelled at him.

Sasuke gave him a cold look as he stared down at him. That kid again.

Kiba laughed "Hah! You do know who Sasuke is right?" pointing at his friend.

The other kid had his long hair down "Sasuke is this school's best fighter he's brought a lot awards and-"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I didn't ask for his life story I just want an answer." Naruto cut him off.

"Why you little," the guy raised a fist at Naruto.

"Neji. That's enough." He held Neji back. "Fine I accept. This should be interesting, we had nothing to do anyways." They all got up and went over to the mat.

"Come one come all! Watch the new kid get his ass kicked by Sasuke!" Kiba informed everyone in the gym. Everyone stopped what they were doing and rushed to the mat to get a front seat view of the fight.

Naruto and Sasuke stepped onto the mat and stared each other down. "Hope your as good as they say you are!" Naruto taunted.

"I want a good clean fight." Guy explained "Ready?" He looked at both of them "Fight!"

It was obvious who the crowd was behind as soon as the match started. The girls yelled out "Go Sasuke! Show him!" The boys yelled out "Kick his ass!" Hinata was too shy to be the only one rooting for Naruto, so she stayed quiet.

Sasuke made the first move. He ran to Naruto and threw a right punch. Hit me will you? I'll show you. Naruto crouched to avoid the punch. He- he dodged it? Naruto then followed up by giving him an uppercut straight to his face. Sasuke fell back and landed on his stomach.

The crowd fell silent. "Did you see what I just saw?" one kid asked another. "Sasuke just got hit?"

"He just got lucky Sasuke!" A girl yelled out.

Sasuke stood up and looked over at him. He's quick. "That's the only hit your gonna get." He ran towards Naruto once more and threw a punch with his right hand again. Naruto grabbed his fist, and threw a left jab at his chest. Sasuke jumped back and dodged the attack. He's starting to piss me off. He walked over and started to circle Naruto.

What's this guy doing? He's pathetic. He's got no strategy or plan or anything. I'll just toy with him a bit. A smile came across Naruto's face.

"What are you smiling at?" Sasuke did a roundhouse kick, Naruto grabbed his foot and flung Sasuke across the mat. What the hell! I can't touch him! Sasuke unleashed a barrage of punches and kicks from every direction aimed for Naruto who easily dodged every single hit.

"What's up with Sasuke? He doesn't seem his usual self today." The kids started to bash on Sasuke.

"Go Naruto!" Hinata yelled raising her hand up.

"Huh? Thanks." Naruto stopped to look at her.

He's distracted! Now! Sasuke landed a punch in Naruto's stomach. "I got him!"

"So what? Proud cuz you got one hit?" Naruto hadn't even fallen. "You're so weak man. Let me finish this up right now." Naruto rushed to Sasuke, who covered his face.

"Ahh..." He looked around him. "Where did he go?"

"He's up there!" Sakura pointed to the ceiling.

"Uzamaki Barrage!" Naruto dropped from the sky, the heel of his foot hit Sasuke on his head. Sasuke dropped to the floor losing conscious for a few seconds.

"The winner is blondie!" Guy announced raising Naruto's hand in victory.

"The name's Naruto! And you better remember it!" He told everyone. "If this is the school's best then I feel sorry for it."

The girls started to cry "He lost! I don't believe it!" The guys looked shocked and just walked away returning to their sports.

"How embarrassing...Naruto didn't even look like he was trying." Choji said.

Hinata walked over to Naruto and smiled at him. "Congratulations."

"He was nothing, really. Even the weakest fighters at my old school can beat this jerk." Naruto went to his friends and began talking.

Sasuke struggled to his feet as he punched the floor. That idiot made a fool out of me! I'll kick your ass! Just you wait. He exited out the gym.

"Sasuke class isn't over yet!" Guy yelled out.

"I don't care!" He yelled back.

Sakura chased after him "Wait for me!"

"Get away from me!" He lashed at her. "I'm not going on that stupid date with you either!"

She stopped in her tracks watching him leave. Guess he's a sore loser.
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